THE COMPANION (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

The Introduction on Our Project

Have you ever imagined the world where people could share their own memories with each other?

Othcomma considered taking a step further to share memories in various ways,

free from the technical dimensions as experiencing someone's story and perception would be the most romantic event you could have.

We started the project before launching the brand, Othcomma, a year ago.

We hope people who use the scent would feel like they are travelling with the director looking at the heartwarming pictures of the scenery surrounded by the very scent based

on the memories of the the scenic view. We also wish that our graphically vivid stories would comfort and give someone the power to live on.

We grouped our own words that breathes its meanings then printed them into books, and captured the photos passing through the eyes,

gathered one’s memories scattered in the air and tied them all into incense sticks. We all are connected by invisible strands of thread and those lines all certainly are bonded

with each other beyond the screens. Flip through the pages we've made and light the incense following the footsteps of our journey.

We share the luminous memories of the day with you right here.